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A leading animation studio based in South Africa, serving the UK Market

Our team of experienced animators, illustrators, editors, and designers are ready to develop your next project for marketing, HR, or eLearning. Our skills include 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Whiteboard Animation, and Motion Graphics. We primarily serve the Corporate Market and Development Industry.

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What Animation Services do we offer?

We offer all services associated with 2D character animation, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-over recording, as well as bespoke character and environment creation. Our 2D Character Animation is often used to communicate sensitive interpersonal topics and is also a mainstay of our eLearning production.

3D Animation

Our 3D Character Animations are used by Industrial and Mining Clients for safety training. Pharmaceutical companies use our 3D animation for marketing and training. We also produce 3D animation for the Agricultural and Development Industry.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is characterised by a hand that rapidly draws pictures, shapes and words, explaining abstract concepts like business plans in a step by step process. Whiteboard Animation is also cost effective and can be built rapidly by our experienced team.

Motion Graphics

Beautiful graphic Design that moves, together with dialogue and music, Motion Graphics excels in the production of Creative Graphs, Typographic Animation and Logo Animation. We can produce entire videos without the need to film.

Some of our Favourite Animation Projects

Animation Production Process

Our Animation process is as easy as ABC.
A: Pre-production – This includes all steps required before the actual animation process.
B: Production – with all planning and preparation complete, the animation production can begin.
C: Post-production – Client input is received and implemented and final finishing touches are applied.


1. Brief
It all starts with a brief on Teams or Zoom where we will explain the different animation options. We will also listen very carefully and make notes because need to know what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

2. Script
It’s impossible to produce a good animation without a great script. Our script writer will send several drafts to you until it’s ready for sign-off. We also handle translations into any language.

3. Storyboard
Here we will present our designs and concept and we will also visually describe each scene. This usually happens over two or three Teams sessions.


4. Voice-over
We have access to a large base of professional voice artists so together with you we will select the perfect accent and delivery for your project. The voice is recorded at our professional recording studio.
5. Animation
This is the phase where our storyboard comes to life by adding movement to characters and scenes., together with the voice, music and sound effects.


6. Preview
We will present draft one, two, and three of the near-complete animation so you can review it and provide feedback.

7. Delivery
After we have implemented your feedback, we will do the final post-production and mastering. This includes fine-tuning of colours, sound, etc.


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